How an iPhone Compass App Can Make Your Life Easier

Compasses were invented to indicate direction. Traditionally, navigators walked around with these gadgets to avoid getting lost. Today, compasses are still being used, albeit for different reasons. Advances in mobile technology have heralded the introduction of compass apps to smartphones. The iPhone compass app is one of the most up-to-date navigation apps today. The app works just like magnetic needle compasses. Here is how your life can be made easier by the iPhone compass app.

Basic Land Navigation

Sometimes, we have the urge to venture out into unfamiliar places. When embarking on a fishing trip. the iPhone compass app negates the need for you to carry around bulky maps for navigation purposes. The app can help you keep track of the direction that you are taking. More often than less, it works alongside the maps application. This way, it allows you to stumble into explorations without being concerned about losing your way. Navigation has also become a must-have feature on all smartphones. Compass apps such as those that are found on iPhones can help you look for turn-by-turn directions. The iPhone compass app has made location-based augmentation a reality. When using it, it’s possible to get real-time and detailed information about street maps. This makes navigation enjoyable all the more.

Phone Tracking Purposes

It is common to misplace or lose our phones. Such situations are often quite stressful. With the iPhone compass app, however, it is easy to locate the phones. The compass works hand in hand with applications such as the GPS sensor to transmit real-time information about your lost phone. The compass app is specially built with an array of satellite data and magneto-resistive sensors that can help identify your phone’s location within a short time. Besides this, the app is an inertial sensor that comes in handy whenever you visits places that do not have wireless connections. The compass app enables smartphones to know where you are.

How to Use the iPhone Compass App

Earlier versions of the app required users to wave their iPhones around in an eight-figure calibration method. This was quite amusing, more so when done in public. Luckily, newer versions of the iPhone compass app work like a simple video game. All you are required to do is roll a ball in a circle to create a dotted line loop on your phone screen. The app itself will notify you if it’s properly calibrated. The new app features extra features such as your current location, full latitude and longitude readings, and the compass reading.